Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lazy Sunday Service

Ireland has been in the international media quite a bit this week as analysts and the markets try to decide if we're going to go the way of Greece.  Personally, I'm not convinced that we are, but neither is the situation looking good.  In fact, it looks awful.  Over half my posts this week have been on the other blog I contribute to - Ireland After NAMA. IAN provides analysis and commentary on the present crisis in Ireland as it unfolds and if you're interested in understanding what is happening here then its worth a read.  In fact, this week's posts are useful because they provide a range of graphs and charts that give a good overview of where we're presently at with unemployment, house prices, government bond yields, GDP/GNP, emigration, the office property market, and planning permissions.  All of them look like the design for a ski-slope.

My posts this week:
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Uriah Robinson said...

Rob, the only boost to Ireland's economy is my need for a double shot of Bushmills when discussing the dismal future business outlook with my relatives.
The only graph that looked promising at first glance turned out to be the unemployment rate. ;o)