Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lazy Sunday Service

My Gunshot Road problems should hopefully be solved this week.  I popped into my local bookstore yesterday and they've ordered it for me.  It should be in Thursday or Friday.  No idea why Amazon had me waiting over three months for an item that the local bookstore could arrange delivery of in thirty seconds (assuming it turns up!).  I guess I should have tried the local store first, though there was a marked difference in the price.  I also picked up a John D. Macdonald book, The Green Ripper, in a secondhand store.  Since it was de facto top of the TBR I launched in last night.  Great stuff so far.  The cover is a very late 70s design, with a beautiful woman, half her chest on display.  Very different to the other 13 covers I found on the web, nearly all of which are variation of a hooded figure carrying a machine gun. 

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Dorte H said...

Yay for YOUR local shop. I know that if I want a novel in English, I´ll have to pay twice as much in my local shop than if I order it via Amazon or Abebooks. When I buy new English books I also have to pay VAT which is an extra reason why I buy second-hand books most of the time. I know that authors need customers, but they won´t get the money I pay for shipping or VAT anyway.