Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mapping for the election

It's election time in Ireland. Polling day is 25th February. Over the past few weeks we've been working on a new mapping system to help candidates and political parties formulate local policy and better understand their constituencies. The interactive mapping modules allows election candidates to quickly analyse data for all 43 constituencies relating to potential voters; population demographics; socio-economic status; deprivation indexes; economic status; housing; transport; social class; marital status; religion; industry; households; and education. Separate mapping modules allow unemployment data to be mapped at social welfare office level, and to map unfinished housing estates, planning permissions and housing development.

On Monday we released the system as part of our AIRO project - All-Island Research Observatory. The press release went out this morning and I'm going to be on Drivetime, RTE Radio 1 this evening to talk about it. Unfortunately to use the system you need to be working in the public/community sector in Ireland, but hopefully it'll be helpful to those who use it. Heaven knows we need evidence-informed decision making in Ireland!

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