Thursday, February 10, 2011

Radio work

A long day, down to Galway and back, taking part in a radio debate on unfinished estates and what to do with them on Today FM, one of the national radio stations in Ireland (if you want to listen then click here - it's Matt Cooper, The Last Word, the middle file about halfway through; it'll be up for 5 days). Unusually they gave it a long, 45 minute slot - one of their election issue features. Interesting to do. Myself, a retired teacher, a person living on a ghost estate, and four politicans running for election. Interestingly, my slot was followed by one with Declan Burke, who is the movie reviewer for the station. So two Irish crime writers were on for the best part of an hour and neither to talk about crime fiction, though to be fair Declan managed to drop some into his segment chatting about True Grit and westerns. He's an amazingly erudite and knowledgeable speaker. He'd be a good author to go and listen to giving a reading and to hear discussing his work and crime fiction in general. Back to a review tomorrow - Scott Phillips' The Ice Harvest.

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