Friday, February 18, 2011

Rockford Files

The Rockford Files seemed to be on the TV endlessly when I was a kid. James Garner played PI Jim Rockford who lived in a trailer, had difficulty extracting payment from clients, and always managed to solve the case usually with the help of his father or cop friend, even if there didn't appear to be a case to be solved. For some reason the local football team where I grew up, Tranmere Rovers, run onto the pitch to the theme tune. Anyway, I was reminded of the programme and the theme tune by a reference in Charles Willeford's Miami Blues that made me smile. Two cops are explaining to a father that his son died of shock when his finger was broken.

"What I was telling Sergeant Henderson here is that I suspect foul play."

"What kind of foul play?"

"That was no accident that killed Martin. That was murder."

"If so, it's the first of a kind."

"Let him finish," Henderson said. "There's more."

"That's the best kind," Mr Waggoner continued, "the kind that looks like an accident but really it ain't. I've seen it on the 'The Rockford Files' more than once, and if it wasn't for Jim Rockford, a lot of people'd get away with it, too."

That pesky PI - always putting his nose in where it's not wanted.


Anonymous said...

Rob - I watched the Rockford Files a lot when I was young. Thanks for reminding me of a great character :-).

pattinase (abbott) said...

I love the Frasier episode where Martin and Daphne have a fight over whether he's more like Jim Rockford or his father, Rocky.
And from there they go to M*A*S*H and whether he's more like Hawkeye or Colonel Potter.
If you have never seen Frasier of course this means nothing to you.