Thursday, June 2, 2011

May Reviews

A pretty varied month of reading. I've been umming and ahhing over which book to give read of the month to. Both The Brush Off and A Stone of the Heart were good, solid, entertaining reads, but are very different in terms of style and focus - the former a comic caper, the latter a police procedural. I'm going with The Brush Off, but just by a whisker. I've already got the next books in both series on my TBR pile, so expect reviews of them some time in the next few months.

The Serbian Dane by Leif Davidsen ***
The Saints of New York by RJ Ellory ***.5
The Brush Off by Shane Maloney ****.5
Officer Down by Theresa Schwegel ****
One of Our Thursday's is Missing by Jasper Fforde ***.5
A Stone of the Heart by John Brady ****.5
Stratton's War by Laura Wilson ***
The Man Who Went Up in Smoke by Maj Sjowall and Pers Wahloo ****
Agent X by Noah Boyd **

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Bernadette said...

so nice to see 'our Shane' so high up the list. I think this is one of the books that got made into a TV movie a few years ago - there were 3 from memory and quite good for tv productions (the actor that played Murray is one of our most well known and much loved actors and he did a good job).