Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To Aberystwyth with trepidation

Off to Aberystwyth today. Heading to the ferry in 10 minutes. Quite possibly the remotest university in the UK in terms of getting there. At least Aberdeen has an airport. I'm just starting as one of their external examiners. Loads of scripts and forms to wade through. I've been saving Malcolm Pryce's From Aberystwyth With Love for the journey. Looking forward to reading it in situ. Hopefully the donkeys will be on the beach.


Anonymous said...

Safe travels, Rob -

Maxine Clarke said...

I love Aberystwyth, my mother was born there (though left immediately after that event for the Lake District!) and we spent many childhood summer holidays there, including visiting our Jones relatives. I did read the first Malcolm Pryce Aber novel and liked it a lot but never felt inclined to read more. I did enjoy reading about all those places I remembered as a child, eg Borth sands.