Friday, June 17, 2011

Stitch and bitch

I ended up on the periphery of a stitch and bitch session at a bar in Aberystwyth last night. A group of young women meet every week, have a few drinks, a bit of a bitch and moan, and knit. Kind of odd in a nice way, seeing a set of trendily dressed women in their twenties and early thirties knitting away as they chatted. I can see a chick lit novel in this. The Knitting Club. Tag line - Stitching, Bitching and Snagging Mr Right.


Dorte H said...

Or a cosy mystery :)

My work, The Cosy Knave, includes a knitting club.

Rob Kitchin said...

Yes, a cosy would be good. My mother's just told me they have a knitting club in her local library. It's called 'knit and natter'. So much for libraries being quiet places - the clack of needles and the yakking of knitters.