Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moonlighting and Northern Exposure

Two DVD box sets turned up in the post yesterday (if you only have four TV channels, they're great backup viewing) - Moonlighting and Northern Exposure. I was somewhat surprised to see that they first aired when I was still a teenager (Moonlighting 1985, Northern Exposure 1989). Watched the pilot episode of each. Both comedy dramas. They've dated a little, especially Moonlighting, but they both still work because of the chemistry between the actors. The story in the Moonlighting pilot was very weak and some of it is as cheesy as brie, but the vibe between Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd makes it work and its good fun. The end of the Northern Exposure episode just fizzles out as if there was no attempt to close the opening programme. Rob Morrow though carries the episode as the New York doctor out of place in Alaska. Looking forward to working through these over the next year or so.

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kathy d. said...

I loved Northern Exposure, saw the original shows, then reruns.

If I took this series out of the library, there would go my reading until I saw the entire run.