Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sometimes things work out for the best

I managed to leave the book I was reading on the kitchen table this morning. Nathan Jones' White Sky, Black Ice turned up in the post at work, however, so I headed to the airport this afternoon to fly to London with high expectations after the review I read over at Reactions to Reading a couple of weeks ago. The book I was reading was so-so. I'm a 150 pages into WKBI, set in a small Alaskan town and introducing State Trooper Nathan Active, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I think there's probably legs in this series, assuming the second half continues in the same vein. More when I've finished. So far though, so good.


Anonymous said...

Rob - Good timing that delivery, I'd say. I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the novel and I look forward to your review. Safe travels

Maxine Clarke said...

Good to know, Rob. I bookmarked this novel on Amazon after reading the same review as you, by Bernadette. It isn't that cheap on Amazon so it is good to know (at least from the first half!) that it is worth the £.