Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lazy Sunday Service

If there was a professional qualification for crisis management, achievable by practice alone, I think I'd qualify on the basis of the past ten weeks. Running two soft money research institutes in a period of austerity is probably not the most sensible thing I've ever done. The upshot was I missed two days of blogging last week. I actually had things I was going to post about but never got the time. The week turned into a blur early morning to late at night. Oh well. I'm also still doing a little bit of media work. Yesterday I was a panelist on 'Saturday with Charlie Bird' on RTE Radio 1. An interesting experience as it was a live, outside broadcast in Mullingar with an audience. The discussion covered everything from the in augural speech of the new President, Michael D Higgins, banking, the wider economy, housing, homelessness, electricity prices, the proposed closure of a military barracks and women's sport. Nothing like freewheeling public debate to keep one on one's toes.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

Our university is virtually extinguishing every center on soft money. Not out of malice but because they can easily be cut. Sad not to have any center to study cities in a university of 35, 000 in Detroit.