Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lazy Sunday Service

I've been making slow progress with my Oxford Dictionary of Human Geography entries. This week I finally passed the halfway point for my share when I reached M, with 350 entries written. I need to have the rest done by the summer. Better keep cracking on, I guess.

On other writing news I had a piece of flash fiction accepted by Spinetingler yesterday, which I'm very happy about. To celebrate I wrote another flash piece. Only problem is, I've no idea where to submit it. It's about an 83 year old guy trying to persuade his care assistant to help him rob a bank. If you've any ideas, let me know.

On the reading front, I've recently finished four books. Expect reviews of the following shortly: Gerard Brennan, The Point; Stuart Aylis, Tollesbury Time Forever; Anthony Neil Smith, Choke on Your Lies; Elly Griffiths, The Janus Stone. Problem is, I'm still buying books slightly faster than I'm reading them. I had the TBR under control as a single book shelf. Now its a single bookshelf and whatever a Kindle shelf is. Oh well, nothing for it but to open the next book and dive in.

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