Friday, March 30, 2012

Time flies by when you're lost in data

This week has been unbelievably busy. The institute I run was the official data visualization partner for the Irish Census 2011, launched yesterday morning. The AIRO team in NIRSA has been flatout working with the data and constructing and testing various interactive mapping and graphing visualizations. We only had the data for a week before launch (and there's only 4 of us - 3 when you consider that all I do is test, analyse and do the media stuff). The team did an unbelievable job and the launch by the Central Statistics Office and ourselves went smoothly and we've had great feedback and media coverage. Several of our graphing tools were embedded into Irish Times stories (see the IT census section). If you're interested in these kinds of things then the CSO report 'This is Ireland' can be found here, and the interactive data visualizations here. A bunch of analysis can be found on the other blog I contribute to Ireland After NAMA. After a week of 12-14 hour days I'm zonked; back to usual next week, hopefully.

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