Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lazy Sunday Service

Another week where the academic blogging equalled the crime blogging. It's been pretty busy all round. Little did I know that expressing my frustration at government spin about the numbers liable for household charge would spin-off into a little media duster. Within half an hour of posting I had RTE on the phone and I was interviewed the following morning on Morning Ireland. I did a couple other radio interviews on Monday and Tuesday and also spoke to a couple of print journalists about a different story. Also had one opinion piece and one letter in the Irish Times. The plan this week is to keep my head down and catch up on some reading. So far this weekend I've already read Christopher Moore's excellent A Dirty Job and am three-quarters through Hill Country by R. Thomas Brown. Still undecided what to pull off the pile next, but probably Edge of Dark Water by Joe Lansdale. Expect at least three reviews this week!

My posts this week
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You can practically taste the pong

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