Monday, April 9, 2012

Zoo stories

It took the Easter weekend, but I finally worked my way through the various zoo stories submitted to Patti Abbott's flash fiction challenge (links below). My own story was The Snake House. Check them out for some wild, tasty bite-sized trips to the zoo.

Patti Abbott - At large in the monkey house

Al Tucher - The price of admission

Cullen Gallagher - Man vs. beast at high noon

Fleur Bradley - Packing

K.A. Laity - Zoo Story

Thomas Pluck - The ten thousand pound banana

John Norris - The dream of a Golden Mantled Tamarin

Todd Mason - Zoo Day

Loren Eaton - Special exhibit

John Weagly - Friday night at Coldsmith’s farm

Sandra Seamans - Zooz

Kathleen Ryan - Feeding time at the zoo

Yvette Banek - Down to the zoo and back again

William Morgan - Frisky Fred

Greg Rossi - A steaming pile of humanity

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pattinase (abbott) said...

I thought they were a uniformly good bunch.