Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lazy Sunday Service

In the last few days I have finally managed to do a block of writing for the first time this year.  All I seemed to do in Jabuary and February was read, with the occasional break for teaching and admin.  In fact, I can't remember doing so much concentrated reading in a block before: exam papers, coursework, Master's theses, PhD thesis, drafts of other people's papers and chapters, papers submitted to the journal's I edit, refereeing for other journals, book proofs, academic papers and books related to a project I'm undertaking, and novels.  Whilst it has been interesting, it's also been frustrating to be stuck reading, editing and commenting on other people's work, rather than getting on with my own.  Hopefully I'm now over the hump and can make some progress.  I'd better do as I've short story to write and three papers to be ready by the end of the month.  Better get a move on.

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