Friday, May 24, 2013

Irregulars by Kevin McCarthy

Back in January 2011 I reviewed Peeler, Kevin McCarthy's Peeler set in West Cork in 1920, featuring Sergeant Sean O’Keefe of the Royal Irish Constabulary.  This month, New Island release the second book in the series, Irregulars, this time set in Dublin a couple of years later.  The blurb runs thus:

Dublin, 1922, as civil war sets brother against brother and Free State and Republican death squads stalk the streets and back lanes of Dublin, demobbed RIC-man, Sean O’Keefe, takes a break from life as a whiskey-soaked waster to search for the missing son of one of Monto's most powerful brothel owners.

Hired to find the boy amid the tumult and terror of a country at war with itself O’Keefe soon finds that the story is not as simple as it first seemed and that the truth can be hard to pin down.

The second book in the O’Keefe series, Irregulars explores a fascinating and complex period of Irish history.

Another Irish crime novel I'm really looking forward to reading.  Along with Mark O'Sullivan's Crocodile Tears, Eoin Colfer's Screwed, and Alan Glynn's Graveland, the next couple of weeks is set to be a bit of an Irish crimefest.

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Anonymous said...

Rob - This really does sound interesting. I like novels that portray eras effectively and it sounds as though this one does that. I'll be interested in seeing what you think of it.