Friday, May 31, 2013

Once in Another World by Brendan John Sweeney

A new book from New Island turned up in the post this morning - Once in Another World by Brendan John Sweeney.  It's a historical crime thriller set in Ireland and England in 1937 and the blurb is below.  I've already zipped through the first four chapters and it's excellent so far. 

Dublin, March 1937. Holland, an idealistic young IRA recruit, is offered a strange assignment. He is told to guard and spy on a sinister Hungarian businessman and Sabine his secretary – a Jewish refugee.

The mission tests Holland’s loyalties and his idealism to the utmost and ends with a sordid shooting match in a field in England. Holland finds himself fleeing with Sabine into the depths of the Irish countryside, where treacherous swamps and dense woods protect them from their pursuers. An intense love affair between two young people from vastly different worlds suddenly becomes possible. 

But Holland’s closest friend in the Movement knows his mind too well, and seeks him out, leading to a confrontation as fateful and tragic as any Irish myth.

My review is here

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