Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lazy Sunday Service

Last September I decided to write a new academic book about data.  For some unfathomable reason I thought I would have it written by January/February time.  It's now the end of May.  I've managed to work out a chapter structure and have populated each chapter file with masses of notes.  However, I've only cobbled together three just about complete chapters (out of eleven).  I also said I'd finish the book then seek a publisher.  Instead, I received and signed a contract on Friday to publish the book with Sage, who have published a couple of my previous books and for whom I edit two academic journals.  The submission date is January 2014 and I'm now worried whether I'll achieve that deadline given the pace at which I've managed to progress the text so far.  Hopefully I'll make up ground over the summer months as I'd really like the book to be published next year.  The good thing is that I'm enjoying the process of researching and writing it, and I'm learning a lot.

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seana graham said...

I hate to break it to you, Rob, but you will not make the deadline of January 2013

Rob Kitchin said...

Updated the post to 2014 and hopefully the book will not be full of these kinds of typos!