Saturday, June 8, 2013

The morning after

David rolled onto his back, his arm sliding across lower ribs.

‘The morning after,’ Katie whispered.

‘The night before,’ David muttered, his head thick with a hangover, his stomach queasy.  ‘Now what?’

‘I ... I don’t know.’  She stared at the wallpaper, trying to untangle emotions. 

‘I’m trying to decide if that was the best or worst night of my life.’

‘What about Rosa?  And Neil?’

‘They don’t need to know.  Do they?’

‘I ... I suppose not.  But ... what if they find out?’

‘I can keep a secret, if you can.’ His hand found her hip, squeezing gently.


Keen Reader said...

His hand found her neck, squeezing gently. . .

Rob Kitchin said...

Maybe, but the hip and elsewhere first ...

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a night... Now I want to know if they both do actually keep the secret.

Ray Kolb said...

This is probably my favorite of your drabbles, Rob. Very well done.