Saturday, February 8, 2014

A thin slither of light

Janet knelt on the worn hassock, her head resting on her clasped hands.  She stared glassy-eyed at the dull image of Christ in a murky stain glassed window behind the alter.

This wasn’t how her life was meant to be.  Thirty six, widowed and mourning the loss of a child. 

It should have been perfect.  It had been perfect.

And now she felt bereft and lost.

A thin slither of light shone through a blue shard and a small hand patted her shoulder.

‘Come-on, Mum, this place gives me the creeps.  Let’s go to the park and feed the ducks.’

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Rob, that's so atmospheric! You did the details of place really effectively there. Thanks for these Drabbles.