Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Song of the Sea published

I spent a few hours on Sunday proofing and formatting The Song of the Sea, a collection of the first 100 drabbles published on this blog, then converting the file into Kindle, EPub and PDF formats.  I'm publishing the book through my own imprint, Eostre Press, and making it freely available since all the content has already been openly published.

Mobi/Kindle  Free download
EPub  Free download
PDF  Free download

A drabble is a story of exactly 100 words and here is the title track, so to speak.

The song of the sea

It had been five days since the yacht had capsized.  Five days in an orange bubble being tossed around on boiling waves, tumbling and spinning in a drunken dance.  Five days listening to the song of the sea.  The pitter-patter of spray and the thwack of waves against nylon and rubber, the crash of mountains of water greeting each other or tumbling in on themselves, the howl of the wind whipping and spinning in the troughs, his own groans and the dry heaves of sea sickness.  And every now and then a haunting lullaby calling to him from the deep.

Hopefully the book proves to be an enjoyable read.


Anonymous said...

Well-done and thanks, Rob!

Barbara Fister said...

These are just wonderful! So nice to have them all together - and beautifully, too.

Thank you. Lovely job all around. (And a CC license to boot - you're grand, Rob.)

Anonymous-9 said...

Congratulations Rob! I'm going to do the download now.

Rob Kitchin said...

Thanks for the congrats. Hope you enjoy the book.