Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lazy Sunday Service

I'm reading To Have and Have Not at present.  The dialogue and demeanour of the lead character and the general atmosphere bought to mind Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca.  So I looked up the movie of the book to discover that Bogart played Harry Morgan in the movie.  Which was kind of uncanny.  Just about everything else about the movie, however, seems to bear little resemblence to the book - the plot has been reframed into a Second World War drama concerning smuggling a Free French resistance leader and his wife to Martinique rather than smuggling contraband between Cuba and Key West in the prohibition era.

Since I didn't get round to do doing a similar post last week, below is a summary of two week's worth of posts.

Carpetbagger blues
Review of Tropical Freeze by James W. Hall
Slides for “Urban indicators, city benchmarking, and real-time dashboards” talk
Florida trip
Short presentation on the need for critical data studies
Review of Margin of Error by Edna Buchanan
Review of Hurricane Punch by Tim Dorsey
Review of Tropical Heat by John Lutz
Staring into the jaws of defeat

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