Friday, May 9, 2014

Arguing with women

I often turn the corner of a page with the idea that I might share a passage that resonated.  Here's a short piece from Dennis Lehane's, Live by Night, which captures my experience of trying to argue with women.

Joe didn’t want to fight either.  Every time they did, he lost, found himself apologizing for things he hadn’t even done, hadn’t even thought of doing, found himself apologizing for not doing them, for not thinking of doing them.  It hurt his fucking head.

If there's a strategy for stopping the head hurting, then please - please - pass it on.


Anonymous said...

We could tell you how to stop the ache, Rob, but then, well... ;-)

Anonymous said...

As a woman TV news anchor said today, as long as men agree with everything women say, and do what they ask, there will be calm and peace, with no aches and pains.

Also, flowers and chocolates (maybe some mysteries) help over here to smooth over the bumps.

Uriah Robinson said...

Valuable advice I could have done with half a century ago. ;-)