Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wanted: new book title - please help!

At the end of last week I'm delighted to say I signed a contract with 280 Steps for the publication of a new novel.  The working title has been 'Saving Siobhán'.  However, I need a new title for a few reasons - outside of Ireland no-one is quite sure how to vocalise 'Siobhán' without having heard it first, or might not even knows that it's a name; plus the spelling and fada is not good for search and discoverability; plus it's not really reflective of the screwball noir style of the book.  Other than that, I like it!

The simple solution is to change it to something like 'Saving Sinead', but I suspect it needs something entirely new.  Below is the working back cover blurb - it's not a lot to go on, but maybe it might spark an idea. A pun or phrase would be good. Take a look and if something springs to mind then I'd love to hear your suggestions.  Once the book is published I'll send a signed copy to whoever suggested the new title.  Not the greatest of prizes but I'll think of some other goodies to put in the package.

"It is election time in Ireland and a lot more is about to change for Grant, a new arrival from England, and his wheelchair-bound friend Mary, than their political representatives. Patrick has disappeared and his sister, Siobhán, kidnapped. 

Charged with tracking them down, Grant and Mary are soon caught between a vicious Dublin gangster seeking the return of a valuable package and an ambitious politician determined to protect a secret that might harm his re-election chances.  To make matters worse, when someone they confront is found floating face down in the River Liffey, Inspector McGerrity Black, Dublin’s finest rock-a-billy cop, is soon hot on their trail. 

With election day looming and Siobhán’s fingers turning up on a regular basis they race through County Kildare suburbia, Dublin’s saunas, Manchester’s gay village and rural Mayo, crossing paths with drag queen farmers, corrupt property developers, and sadistic criminal gang members, as they desperately seek a way to save themselves and their friends while all the time staying ahead of the law. 

As first dates go, it’s one hell of a rollercoaster ride for Grant and Mary."

There's a fair few chases, role reversals, general confusion and mayhem, etc. Ideas?


Rob Kitchin said...

The first suggestion I've had offline is 'Fingers and Foes', which is the kind of thing I'm looking for. Other suggestions welcome!

Anonymous said...

Taking you up on the rockabilly angle (and the farmers), there's an old song by Sid King and the Five Strings called "Sag, Drag and Fall".

Sandra Davies said...

In such circumstances I usually turn to a book of quotations. Starting with Grant, I found 'Grant us thy peace, all the days of our life' or 'A civil denial is better than a rude grant'.

Anonymous said...

Rob - Oh, I'm so glad to hear your novel will be published! That's wonderful. At the moment I'm not inspired with a great title, but I'll think about it...

Scott said...

How about Roller Coaster Ride

Paul D Brazill said...

Congratulations Rob!

How about something breezy like 'Catch As Catch Can.'

Anonymous-9 said...

A Finger in the Mail

The cover must have an element of humor to relieve the title but working together a title like this might get across the over-the-top sensibility.

Rob Kitchin said...

Thanks for the suggestions so far. I'm going to let some more to come in (hopefully) then ruminate on the suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Er, The Last Finger?

Anonymous-9 said...


Anonymous-9 said...

Oh dear, I meant my VOTE: The Last Finger
Very funny

Rob Kitchin said...

Other suggestions I have are:

'Sticky Fingers'

'Stumped', which works on a few levels: with respect to cut off fingers; confusion; political stump in election; Mary's condition.

Anonymous said...

Finger This
Tear it Up (rockabilly song)
Fickle Fingers
Fateful Fickle Fingers