Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lazy Sunday Service

During the week I posted the 600th book review on the blog.  I also popped into Hodges Figgis bookstore in Dublin after missing a train and the experience drove home how many thousands of crime fiction books are in circulation.  So many books, so little time!  I picked up three more, despite my plan to buy less in the first half of this year and reduce the TBR.  They were Red Joan by Jennie Rooney, The Informant by Andrew Rosenheim, and The Yard by Alex Grecian.  I also purchased Adrian McKinty's Gun Street Girl yesterday.  That means that so far this year I've bought more than I've read.  Oh well, better get back to reading.

On other news, Stumped was reviewed in Irish Times yesterday by the doyen of Irish crime fiction, Declan Burke.  He writes: "... a delightfully preposterous tale ... Kitchin maintains a cracking pace and generates plenty of humour by switching rapidly between the perspectives of a swarming host of outlandish characters." I'll take that.

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Unknown said...

Buying more than we read is the curse of addicted bibliophiles. Join the club!