Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lazy Sunday Service

The publisher of Stumped is running a special promo this weekend for kindle readers.  It's £1.99 or $3 on Amazon ( or .com).  So if you're bored of TV and are looking for a fun, light read, clickety-click on the links above.  Here's what some nice folk have said about it.

 "Skip the manicure before reading. Stumped is a head-scratching nail-biter that'll leave your fingers chewed down to the nub."  Gerard Brennan

"Rob Kitchin joins the ranks of top-notch Irish crime writers: Hughes, Glynn, Bruen, French, and Burke."  Patti Abbott

"Trainspotting meets Desperately Seeking Susan..." CrimeFictionLover

"Prose as tight as a corkscrew and a gripping plot full of sharp twists and turns..." Paul D. Brazill

"Funny, engaging, fast-paced and hugely enjoyable."  Michael Russell

"If Seinfeld were updated as a murder mystery novel cast in Ireland, it could spontaneously combust into Rob Kitchin's Stumped."  Elaine Ash (Anonymous-9)

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