Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lazy Sunday Service

It took all week, but I have now managed to complete a micro-edit of the 'Code and the City' book I'm working on, which is due to be submitted shortly. It's based on a workshop I co-organised this time last year.  There's a few little jobs for myself and Sung-Yueh, my co-editor, to complete, but otherwise it's in reasonable shape. Overall, I think it's a good collection of essays on how software is reshaping city life, helped by it being truly interdisciplinary and having a stellar group of authors.  I also managed to read a couple of books: Lehrter Station by David Downing and The Exterminators by Bill Fitzhugh - reviews shortly.

My posts this week:
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Data and the City workshop
Review of Princes Gate by Mark Ellis


Unknown said...

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Rob Kitchin said...

Hi Harper. I've added Crimes in the Library to my blogroll. I do visit blogs from it, but I don't comment as much as I should. Thanks for stopping by the blog.