Saturday, October 30, 2010

Flash story - literally

Who can resist this headline: 'Cotswold flasher bitten by victim's dog'? My first instinct was that there's potentially a nice short story to had from that. As it happens a very short flash of a story to get to a bad joke ending:

The woman dropped down onto a two seat sofa and patted the place next to her. ‘Come-on, up you get.’

The dog didn’t need asking twice, hopping up next to her, wagging his tail as she stroked his ears.

‘We’re just in time, look.’ She gestured at the television, where the image had swapped from the newsreader to a reporter standing on a street, the entrance to a park behind her.

The reporter started to speak. ‘Thanks, Sharon. Yes, police are tonight searching for a man who indecently exposed himself to an elderly woman. The pensioner was taking her dog for a walk in the local park when the man approached her. Her terrier barked a warning, then leapt to the woman’s rescue. The man is described as being around five foot six, wearing a dark blue coat, and has short brown hair, and blue eyes. He has dog bite marks on his ...’ the reporter paused, unsure how to continue. Eventually she muttered, ‘in and around his groin,’ unable to hide her smile.

The woman ruffled the dog’s head. ‘What a silly man! You taught him, didn’t you? Yes, you did. He won’t come near us again, will he? No, he won’t. He was a very bad man, wasn't he?’ She fished around in one her pockets, pulling a special treat free. ‘Does Sparky want another sausage?’


Anonymous said...

Rob - Oh, this is great! What a satisfying twist on that news story :-)

Dorte H said...

And we all feel sooooo sorry for him ;D