Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lazy Sunday Service

I've decided to go with Ghostland for the new title of the third McEvoy book. It covers the main themes and has a strong contemporary link to what's happening in Ireland at the minute. Thanks for everyone's suggestions. I'm just reading it again before sending it off tomorrow. Then its on to reading the proofs and compiling an index for Code/Space: Software and Everyday Life, which turned up from MIT Press on Wednesday last week.

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Anonymous said...

Rob - Ghostland is a fine choice; I look forward to reading the book.

Paul D Brazill said...

Ghostland is a good choice. The only negative is that it reminds me of the song Ghostlands, written by -er , me.

kathy d. said...

I liked the title of "Ghostland," which brings up the past and also the current housing crisis.

Good luck and can't wait to read it.

Dorte H said...

Ghostland - I like that too!