Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fifty words to kill your victim

'Fifty words to kill your victim' is an invitation by Margot to write a dribble (a 50 word story, a drabble being a 100 word story). I've had a go at two. Check out more over at Margot's Confessions of a Mystery Writer.


The two women stared down at the man in the bed, wired with tubes, a screen beeping.

‘I’ve been with him for ten years. We have the kids.’

‘And I’m still married to him. If someone accidentally presses this button,’ her hand hovered, ‘then everything is mine. C’est la vie.’

I'm not sure how well this one works. An experiment ...


Strolling. Entering. Shopping. Loitering. Checking. Queuing. Staring. Blinking. Nodding. Threatening. Shouting. Gesticulating. Punching. Wrestling. Grabbing. Running. Gasping. Wheezing. Tripping. Falling. Cursing. Scrambling. Hobbling. Panting. Fumbling. Muttering. Opening. Sitting. Shutting. Starting. Accelerating. Relaxing. Grinning. Tuning. Humming. Tapping. Singing. Swerving. Turning. Skidding. Spinning. Flipping. Cartwheeling. Bouncing. Crashing. Bleeding. Laughing. Spluttering. Crying. Praying ...


Margot Kinberg said...

Rob - Oh, this is great! Very creative! I'd not thought of telling a story just using verbs, but you've done it. Nicely done :-). Thanks very much for giving this a go.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Quite a nice exercise. A story in present participles.