Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lazy Sunday Service

The reading on Friday seemed to go okay. It's only the second one I've done, I'm not really sure the best way to approach them. I decided to read a few short pieces, rather than one longer one. I started with a couple of six worders, then moved to a drabble, then a short story, before reading the opening scenes of The Rule Book, The White Gallows and Ghostland. The short story I read was Undergrowth. The question that was most disconcerting was whether I had thought of trying to write something with some comedy in it, which was a fairly damning critique of Undergrowth, one of my Harry and Pete stories!

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Anonymous said...

Rob - So glad to know your reading went well enough. I actually really like the idea of reading short snippets and bits as well as longer things. And no matter what anyone says, I think your Harry and Pete stories are rich with humour.