Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lazy Sunday Service

I arrived home from a conference on Friday night to find that our accessibility mapping module had been covered that day in most of the main Irish newspapers - Irish Times, Independent, Examiner, Star, Sun, Mirror and Herald. Quite unusual, in my experience at least, for academic stuff to get both broadsheet and tabloid coverage, though they can do quite different things with the same material - see right. Nice that it was seen as interesting and useful.

Short stories read this week:
Oh Superman by Colin Graham (Pulp Metal Magazine)*
Neighbors by Kieran Shea (Shotgun Honey)
Lucky Convenience by Chris Rhatigan (A Twist of Noir)*
Sex Crime by Katherine Tomlinson (A Twist of Noir)*
The Tut by Paul Brazzil (Cavalcade of Stars)*
Dudley Do Right by R. Thomas Brown (Flash Fiction Offensive)
Tight by John DuMond (Powder Burn Flash)
Musculature by Charles Dodd White (Plots With Guns)*

My posts this week:
Review of Black Sheep by Arlene Hunt
The Self-Preservation Society
To cut a long story short
Banning the boom
Crime fiction and contemporary Ireland
Mapping and graphing accessibility and deprivation
Review of Storm Front by Jim Butcher

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