Monday, January 30, 2012

Short story heaven

Slowly getting myself on track to read 365 short stories in 2012. Here are the ones I read last week. There's some good stuff here, folks. Check them out.

The Vagueness of Maybes by Kieran J. Shea (A Twist of Noir)

Framed by CJ Edwards (Flash Fiction Offensive)

McDojo by Gerard Brennan (Shotgun Honey)

Monster by David Barber (Close to the Knuckle)

Cattle Call by Terry White (Thrillers, Killers and Chillers)

Cheating by Trey R Barker (Shotgun Honey)

The Worst Thing in the World by Albert Tucher (A Twist of Noir)

Grind by Chad Haskins (Spinetingler)

Man Down by Jason Chirevas (A Twist of Noir)

Drama’s wet dream by Anthony Venutolo (Bukowski’s Basement)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for these suggestions, Rob.