Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wee Rockets launches

It wasn't too long ago since I noted the publication of Gerard Brennan's The Point (Oct 19th, in fact). Hot on its heals, he now has a new book out as of January 1st - Wee Rockets published by Blasted Heath. Here's the blurb:

Wee Rockets is a gritty, urban morality tale; a wake-up call for society. It follows a gang of fourteen-year-old hoods as they rampage through West Belfast, fearless and forever upping the ante in their anti-social crimes. They mug pensioners to pay for the cider, cigarettes and sweets they hope will ease them through so many long, aimless days of summer. Their actions send shockwaves through an already damaged post-Troubles society that has yet to build a relationship with a new ‘catholic-friendly’ police force.

Stephen McVeigh, a local Gaelic football ‘star’ and concerned resident has had enough. He wants the kind of justice the Provos dealt in their heyday and he believes he’s the man to fill that void.

With rat-like instincts, Joe Phillips has realised that his luck can’t hold out much longer. He wants to relinquish his post as the leader of the Wee Rockets. But as Stephen McVeigh closes in with his ham-fisted investigation has Joe left it too late to change his ways? Without his loyal gang to back him up, Joe’s just a vulnerable fourteen-year-old kid from a broken home with nobody to turn to.

Wee Rockets does for Belfast what Irvine Welsh did for Edinburgh. It’s a frank look at the drink and drug-addled youth ejected onto the streets of a socially deprived community as they smirk in the face of authority and play Russian Roulette with their adolescent lives.

There's a promo video that accompanies the release. From 60 secs in it has Gerard walking a street in West Belfast discussing the area and the book.

Wee Rockets by Gerard Brennan from Blasted Heath on Vimeo.

At present, it's available from for a special introductory price of 99 pence (or on for $1.50). I really am going to have to invest in an e-reader in the next couple of weeks as this is another e-only book I'm interested in reading. More details can be found at the publisher's website.