Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lazy Sunday Service

I've been trying to buy a Reginald Hill book to read for the celebration of his life that's taking place this month.  So far I've been to six bookshops and not found a single copy of any of his books, which has been a surprise.  I'm off to Aberystwyth on Tuesday, assuming I can get through the floods (right), to do my external examining gig, and will take a scout round the bookshops there.  If I've no joy there, then I'll have to resort to some online shopping.  Other than that, it's been business as usual this last week.  I did a TV interview for Danish television on Thursday.  One of the Irish banks is owned by Danske Bank and they've been burned by the Irish property market.  I've also posted on that a couple of times this week (see below).

My posts this week
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Demographic contraction in Ireland's house buying cohort
Review of Kingdom of Shadows by Alan Furst
Nothing under the mattress
If this is the standard of banking analysis no wonder we're in trouble


Anonymous said...

Rob - Thanks for the mention. It's so odd you haven't been able to find any Reg Hill books. I hope have you some better luck this week!

crimeficreader said...

I echo Margot’s thanks here. I understand that HarperCollins is reissuing Hill’s paperbacks.
Have a good time in Aberystwyth. A local resident left me a message today to say it’s not all flooded out; thankfully they were OK where she lives. But what a terrible amount of damage! Perhaps you’ll find Hill in a Waterstones there.