Friday, June 29, 2012

People in blue houses are apparently the most successful

We need to re-paint the outside of the house and we're having difficulty finding the same colour paint.  We've been scouting around online and came across this article from The Telegraph from 2009, which argues that people living in blue houses are much more successful than those living in homes painted any other colour.  Here's some of findings:

The average professional living in a blue-painted house earns an impressive £38,000-a year and drives an Audi TT to work. They take 27 days annual leave a year and treat themselves to at least two holidays abroad to exotic locations such as Barbados or the Maldives.  23 per cent of people in blue houses have already worked their way up to Director level at work.  A further 31 per cent are proud to call themselves 'manager' or a job title of similar status. And most of these professionals have at least three members of staff working beneath them.  Blue home owners will have already achieved two significant promotions to date in their high-flying career.  And if they haven't chosen the legal route, 11 per cent are likely to work in the health service or nine per cent in education.  In addition to maintaining a successful career, people living in a blue house even do well on a personal level.  The average blue homeowner is in a long-term relationship, has two children and four really close friends. 

Well, there you have it.  Scientific proof that house colour reflects the success of their occupant.  And does it relate to our blue house?  Partially.  I am a director and have more than three staff working in the institute.  However, we don't do exotic holidays and I drive a Ford Focus.

Here are the annual earnings of those occupying other house colours.  Do people really paint their houses orange or purple?

Blue £38,000
Red £23,500
White £23,400
Magnolia £23,100
Beige £20,800
Orange £20,000
Purple £19,600
Grey £19,000
Yellow £18,500
Brown £18,400
Pink £14,500
Green £13,100

How about you?  Your house colour reflect your success?

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