Friday, February 1, 2013

January reading

My sense of January was that it was a very good month of reading.  I'd happily read other books by all of the authors listed below.  My pick of the month is Aly Monroe's Icelight (in a close run race with Diggers Rest Hotel).  I usually don't start in the middle of a series, but I'm glad I did in this case and I've every intention of catching up with the first two books.  It was definitely a January kind of book, set in London in the winter of 1947.

City of Heretics by Heath Lowrance ***.5
Diggers Rest Hotel by Geoffrey McGeachin ****.5
Liar Moon by Ben Pastor ****
Icelight by Aly Monroe ****.5
Go With Me by Castle Freeman ****.5
The Devil I know by Claire Kilroy ****
Broken Dreams by Nick Quantrill ***
The Silver Stain by Paul Johnston ****
I Hear Sirens in the Street by Adrian McKinty ****


Bernadette said...

You're obviously enjoying your post-war historical fiction at the moment Rob :)

I've just borrowed the first of Aly Monroe's series from the library - am looking forward to it

Sarah said...

'Icelight' was my pick of the month in July last year. I agree that it is a very good book.

It sounds like you had a successful reading month Rob

Anonymous said...

Rob - I like historical mysteries too and people don't always remember that post-war historical mysteries are... historical. Thanks for sharing your list.