Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lazy Sunday Service

I have bought at least one book a week since the start of the new year.  In fact, most weeks I have bought three or more.  This week I bought five and had one kindly sent to me by an author (Missing in Rangoon by Christopher G Moore).  The only plus side to this is I consistently read at least two books a week; nonetheless the pile of to-be-read is growing.  Up until now I've been pretty good at keeping the pile low by reading just about everything I've bought.  And I intend to read everything I've recently purchased.  The solution is to stop buying books for a while.  Or to up the read rate.  Which might be a possibility if all the books on the pile are as good as The Sea Detective by Mark Douglas-Home.  I bought it yesterday and started to read it whilst waiting in a car park.  I had it finished by this morning.  Review to follow, but it's fair to say I thought it was an exceptional read.  The other books I bought were:

White Dog by Peter Temple
Death in Bordeaux by Allan Massie
Stettin Station by David Downing (for a trip to Berlin in August)
The Dividing Line by Richard Parrish (for a trip to Tucson in April)

My posts this week:
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Older but not particularly wiser... said...

Read The Sea Detective not long after its' release, Rob. Like yourself, I had it finished in a heartbeat...always a good sign. Engaged quickly with lead character, Cal. A great fictional debut by Mark Douglas-Holm.

Older but not particularly wiser... said...

Meant to say, enjoy the Bordeaux book. I've read both (believe it's a trilogy in the making) and really enjoyed them. Again, great lead character and I felt the just pre-war Bordeaux was totally brought to life.

Rob Kitchin said...

Thanks for the comments. I'll hopefully have the Sea Detective review up later this week or early next. I was planning on reading the Massie next, so you've whetted my apetite for that.