Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lazy Sunday Service

A week of contrasting reading with respect to endings.  Earlier in the week I reviewed Bed of Nails, a book that was significantly enhanced by a powerful ending.  Last night I finished reading The Search for Klingsor by Jorgi Volpi, a book that in my view was shaping up to be something of a masterpiece before being let down somewhat by a weak ending.  Interestingly, both books had strong philosophical and metaphysical undertones and slightly ambiguous conclusions, and both were thought provoking.  However, whilst Bed of Nails left me conflicted and reflective, The Search for Klingsor made me frustrated for what could have been, especially since the first three quarters of the book had been so exceptionally good.  Funny how an ending can colour a whole book.

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Bill Selnes said...

Rob: I thought the premise was brilliant but the execution and plotting lacking. It took far too long into the book for me to know what they expected to accomplish by finding Klingsor.