Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Reading conversations ...

I tend to be a solo kind of reader.  It's just me and the book.  Sure, I write a review when I've finished and pass on my views, but I feel no great need to discuss the story with others, either while reading the book or afterwards, as might happen with a reading group or a literary event.  Every now and then though I read something that I wouldn't mind a good chat about.  The book I've just finished that fits in this category is Bed of Nails by Antonin Varenne.  For most of the book the story was engaging enough, but not particularly extraordinary.  In the last quarter, however, it shifts register and the ending is a powerful sucker punch to the gut that recasts the rest of the tale.  And this is what I'd be interested to explore some more as it completely drained me emotionally at the time and I've been mulling it over since Saturday night.  However, it's almost impossible to discuss the theme and twist here without giving spoilers.  I'll post my review tomorrow, but if you want a story that sends you off into a bit of reflective tailspin then Bed of Nails is worth a read.

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