Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lazy Sunday Service

It's taking me quite a while to adjust back to Irish time after 10 days in the US.  It took a little longer to get home than planned.  Coming in to land there were flashes of lighting out of the window and I then got caught in a large thunderstorm in Chicago which went on for hours, with the airport closing five times during the day.  The flight screens were covered in cancelled and delayed notices.  I spent most of the time catching up with admin to try and make life easier when I got back rather than reading.  Still, nine hours hanging round an airport is not a great way to spend a day.

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Older but not particularly wiser... said...

Well Rob, least you're back safe and sound!
Some good reading news for you. The second Cal McGill book has appeared on the shelves. It's called 'The Woman Who Walked into the Sea'
I know how much you enjoyed The Sea Detective, so hopefully this is a welcome heads-up!
Just ordered it, so falls into 'to be read' category, but it received a very promising review in The Herald (Scotland) yesterday.
Enjoy being back in blighty, sir!