Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday after storm

The Prime Time programme aired on Thursday night.  You can watch it online if you're interested.  I was pleased with the final result.  I was worried that it would be cut and spliced to try and produce sensational headlines but they did a nice job of it.  The newspapers managed to find the headlines though and our report got pretty good.coverage in the national broadsheets, including front page and lead editorials.

Irish Times - here, here, here, here
Irish Independent - here, here, here, here
Irish Examiner - here, here, here, here

On Friday I did a number of radio interviews on the national channels, which went okay, I think.  Just one tricky moment when a question sideswiped me (the jist of which was, "Weren't you partly responsible for the crisis since you advised government and you didn't sound the alarm bells earlier? - as it happens we were critical of government policy all through the boom, but no-one was interested, but even if we weren't the idea that we're to partly blame for the crisis seems like a pretty desperate critiique of our report - we didn't set fiscal or planning policy, we didn't zone land, we didn't build houses, etc)..

Off out now to go and see what the Sunday Papers say.

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Anonymous said...

Rob - Well-done. Glad to hear that all went well. Thanks for sharing with us.