Thursday, August 12, 2010

Watching the Detectives

A nice parcel arrived early this afternoon.  We only have the four domestic Irish channels on the TV, so instead of buying more books, I spent my birthday vouchers on some DVDs.  Four box sets - the complete series of Morse, the complete series of Poirot, series 1-5 of Frost, and the 12 episodes of Miss Marple played by Joan Hickson.  186 hours of viewing pleasure as the nights start to get longer (and very good value as they were fraction of the original recommended price).  We've just watched the first Morse, The Dead of Jericho (also the first Morse book I read).  Very superior television.  So, next time there's nothing much worth watching on the box, we can watch some master sleuths at work.  The only thing to beat that is reading a very good book.


Uriah Robinson said...

It is a dismal day here, and I managed to walk up a steep hill earlier so I treated myself to an hour watching Wycliffe on ITV 3 cable.
Good but still not a patch on Morse.
And you are watching Morse, Poirot, Frost and Miss Marple, while we are waiting for another Colm McEvoy book!
Enjoy. ;o)

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

I envy you for having all that "Morse" I discovered the series on PBS in 2005 and was addicited. I love Morse and through TV, DVD's and VHS,I have seen many episodes, but you have a real treasure.

John Thaw was a tremendous talent, RIP. You really feel dumbed down by todays crime / mystery shows after watching Morse. Enjoy!!