Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lazy Sunday Service

Things that make you go 'argggh!' - (1) spending an age trying to get online - I could connect to the ISP for some of today, but not actually do anything - very frustrating.  (2) a promising book unravelling as it proceeds - I posted yesterday about Bangkok Tattoo.  It was all going well until about the halfway mark, then it started to lose focus and by the time the 747s hit the World Trade Centre (a glaring factual error) the story had lost direction and dwindled except for the occassion fizz and interesting insight.  I'm 30 odd pages from the end which means I'll finish it, but it's going to need something special to rescue it from a damp squib of an ending.  We'll see.  I hope something is pulled out of the bag as I thought the first half was excellent.

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