Monday, August 30, 2010

TBR panic (abated)

My TBR pile is getting quite low and a visit to the local bookstore did not turn up anything I fancied that much so I've splashed out and ordered ten new books to quell my rising panic at the thought of running out of reading material I'm in the mood for.  Six of these are authors new to me and the others are 'bankers'.  Hopefully they will arrive shortly so I can get tucked in - can't wait.

Day After Day, Carlo Lucarelli
Raven Black, Ann Cleeves
Devil's Peak, Deon Meyer
Blood of the Wicked, Leighton Gage
The Samaritan's Secret, Matt Rees
Hard Man, Allan Guthrie
Saturday's Child, Ray Banks
The Coroner's Lunch
, Colin Cotterill
Small Crimes, Dave Zeltserman
Needle in a Haystack, Ernesto Mallo


Maxine said...

I've read five of these and really liked them all, so I hope your experience of them matches mine. I've read glowing reviews of several of the others, too.

Jose Ignacio Escribano said...

I have just finished one of the books in your list and I have start to read another one. Besides have two more on my TBR and at least one in my wish list. They look as excellent choices to me.

Dorte H said...

Some excellent choices.

I have read and enjoyed Raven Black, Blood of the Wicked and The Coroner´s Lunch, and only yesterday I ordered Deon Meyer´s Devil´s Peak so I hope that one is also good.

kathy d. said...

Happy reading! Looks like a good list. i recognize the titles from wonderful global crime websites.

Look forward to reading your reviews of them.

Paul D. Brazill said...

Saturday's Child & Small Crimes are both cracking books. I don't know the others, though.

Kerrie said...

At least your panic didn't result in hundreds of books Rob. You've some good ones on that list. Maybe you'll have to get a Kindle - you'll never run out then. :-)