Thursday, August 26, 2010

Opening lines

To continue an occassional series of interesting opening lines, these are from some comic crime novels.

"I was hungry enough to eat the ass end of a skunk."  Out of Time, Katy Munger

"Peace had settled over the city like the skin on a rancid custard." Of Wee Sweetie Mice and Men, Colin Batemen

"Paranoia doesn't sleep; a guilty conscience looks over its shoulder forever."  Virgin Heat, Laurence Shames

"I've been a poet and novelist for almost a week now and I am really getting the hang of it."  Dead Organised, Audrey Corr

"The minotaur had been causing trouble far in excess of its literary importance."  Something Rotten, Jasper Fforde


Dorte H said...


No two is my favourite.

kathy d. said...

These are all funny, each for their own reason. Even some intellectual wit, with reference to the minotaur.

Hope to see more of these and trying to figure out how to factor these into conversation or emails.