Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lazy Sunday Service

After reading some good reviews of Asa Larsson's latest book I decided to order the first in the series from my local bookshop yesterday.  I figured the first book was Sun Storm having hunted around on the Web a bit.  However, Sun Storm, published in English in 2006 was out of print.  In the end I went for The Savage Altar, as this seemed to be the next one published.  I've just worked out that they are one and the same book.  I'm not sure why they reprinted with a different title, but there we go.  It's being reissued again on Sept 15th with obligatory Stieg Larsson comparison on the cover.  I suspect the only two things they share are a surname and country of birth.  I also ordered William Ryan's first book, The Holy Thief.  Looking forward to both of them once they arrive.

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Maxine Clarke said...

Sun Storm was the original US title (where it was first published in English translation). It later came out in the UK where the publisher retitled it The Savage Altar.

The same publisher (Penguin) published her next 2 books, The Blood Spilt and The Black Path, then dropped her so these 3 titles are all now out of print.

She's recently been picked up by MacLehose press who have just published the 4th title (Until Thy Wrath Be Past). Unfortunately, I think you do need to have read the earlier books, esp The Black Path, to get the most out of this.

As an aside, the first three were translated by Marlaine Delargy, brilliantly. I was a bit worried that MacLehose decided to go for another translator, Laurie Thompson, but he does an equally good job in my opinion.

Bernadette said...

Several years ago I read THE SAVAGE ALTER and loved it so much I went online and ordered the only other one I could find...THE SUN STORM. Was a trifle annoyed when it arrived and I realised it was the same book...but it taught me a valuable lesson and now I do a bit more research before my purchases. Hope you enjoy it