Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Two by two

Yesterday I started a new job to add to the suite of things I'm already doing. Given the departure of the present director, I've taken over running the National Centre for Geocomputation for the foreseeable future. Somehow I've managed to double up all the major roles that I perform. I'm now director of two research institutes (the National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis being the other), chair/lead PI of two national research platforms that link research and teaching across several universities and disciplines (Irish Social Sciences Platform, International Centre for Local and Regional Development), lead PI on two national data infrastructures (All-Island Research Observatory, Irish Qualitative Data Archive/National Audio Visual Repository), editor of two international journals (Progress in Human Geography and Dialogues in Human Geography), and editor of two book series (Key Concepts in Geography/Irish Society). And there's the two blogs (the other being Ireland After NAMA). I'm not quite sure how I've managed to get myself in this odd state of affairs, but hopefully it's not going to affect my reading and reviewing. I sense that something might have to give. Hopefully not my sanity or my evenings and weekends. If things slow down on this blog, you can take a fair guess as to why. We'll see how things hold up ...

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