Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Setting forth to Bloodland

I attended the launch of Alan Glynn's Bloodland last night in the Gutter Bookshop in Dublin. There was a nice sized crowd. I'm going to have to work out how to mingle and talk to strangers at these things. I tend to hover round the edges looking a bit lost, but that's a different story. Alan gave a nice note of thanks and read out a couple of passages. I still find it strange to hear novels being read out loud; I guess I'm just so used to reading them that I find it odd to have them translated into another medium. He did a good job at it though. I also took an initial read last night when I got home, but I quickly put it one side. I'm in the middle of another book. The start of Bloodland has too many hooks. If I got past the first ten pages I was going to have to abandon the present book to read Bloodland instead. It is shuffled to the top of the TBR though, so expect a review next week. Early indications are very positive.


Anonymous said...

Rob - Sounds like the launch went well, and that's great. I'll look forward to reading what you think when you've finished Bloodland.

Photographe à Dublin said...

I was there and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere a lot.

There are two photos on my Flickr site, if you are interested. It's called Rosewoodoil and easily found by doing a quick search.

If you are ever at another such reading, I'm the one with a camera strapped round my neck.